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Case Studies


The following are samples engagements with Enfermera's freelance nurse case managers with both families and companies:


Patient: Heart Disease

One of Enfermera's nurses alerted a doctor to signs and symptoms of heart failure with an elder care patient.  It was discovered that the client was previously diagnosed with an arterial blockage, but she had not informed the family.  After accompanying the client to numerous doctor appointments, a care plan was developed for the family which included long-term care options and treatments that extended the life of the patient.

Patient: Cancer

One of Enfermera's experienced nurses accompanied the client to several oncologist appointments.
The nurse reviewed all lab results and tests, and explained the significance of each test to the client and family, while working with the oncologist during chemotherapy.  The nurse explained to the client and family the benefits and burdens of completing chemotherapy and helped them explore their feelings if chemotherapy was stopped and if the cancer returned.


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