Doctor Appointments

Do your parents or spouse go to the doctor, and come home with either no information, or misinformation?  Are you just as confused as they are?

Our experienced nurses accompany your loved ones to doctor's appointments, interpret what the doctor said, explain options for care, manage their medications, and report back to you so that you are informed.

Blood Pressure Exam
Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Case: Heart Disease

One of our nurses alerted the doctor to signs and symptoms of heart failure. 


It was discovered that the client was previously diagnosed with an arterial blockage, but she had not informed the family.

After accompanying the client to numerous doctor's appointments, a care plan was developed for the family, which included long-term care options and treatments.

Case: Cancer

One of Enfermera's experienced nurses accompanied the client to several oncologist appointments.

The nurse reviewed all lab results and tests and the explained significance of each test to the client and family, while working with the oncologist the advantage to completing chemotherapy. 

Our nurse explained to client and family the benefits and burdens of completing chemotherapy and helped them explore their feelings if chemotherapy is stopped and if cancer returns.

Doctor with Files